Do I need to be a registered business to offer services?


No, anyone is welcome to offer services as a freelancer. Offer your skills during your free time. Timevender helps you turn your interests and efforts into profits.
What is Timevender?

Timevender is a revolutionary new way to find professional help instantly whenever and wherever you need them. Tell Timevender what you need, and Timevender will look for willing professional help near to you instantly. These professionals will reply to your request with an offer, and you may hire the best of the best based on your budget, their ratings, reviews and profile.
Is my location shared with anyone?

Your privacy is our utmost priority. Location information is only shared between the person who made the service request and the person who is hired to provide the service. Sharing stops when the job is completed.
We will never sell or reveal your location to any one or corporation outside of Timevender.
Why did I not get any notification of new messages or jobs in my phone?

In rare situations the Timevender app may stop receiving notifications of new messages or jobs. If that happens, simply logging out and logging in again will bring notifications back.
What happens if I turn off my location?
It is recommended to turn on your location so that Timevender will be able to allow customers near to you at that moment to find you. However if your current location is unknown, Timevender will allow customers near to your service's preset location to find you.
Where is Timevender available currently?

You can now use Timevender everywhere, yeay!
Who do I pay for services provided by the professional?

We are in the midst of preparing a secure, and insured payment system to protect our users and professionals. For the time being all payment should be made directly to the professional who provided you the service.